The best products hand-picked by Bluebird

Kevin Murphy

Considerable time, care and research has gone into the selection of our all-important haircare product choice at Bluebird and we are delighted to have selected Kevin Murphy as our haircare product supplier. Born from a skincare philosophy, Kevin Murphy products are weightlessly designed to deliver performance, strength and longevity, sourcing ingredient suppliers that use micro cultivation, organic growing practices, and ecologically-sound wild harvesting techniques to ensure that the range is of the very highest natural quality. 

Unlike off the shelf haircare products, you will find that a little goes a long way, so investing in a Kevin Murphy product is not only treating your hair to exceptional quality, but also good value for money. Vitamins and amino acids repair the outer surface of the hair, thickening the hair and reducing the formation of split ends. All Kevin Murphy hair products are sulphate free, paraben free and cruelty free, and as kind to the environment as they are to your skin and hair.


Kerastraight is an innovative luxury treatment that transforms and repairs the hair. Its base ingredient is keratin, the primary protein of your skin, hair and nails - a natural substance that restores the hair's original condition, resulting in exceptional shine. We have chosen this product because it does not contain formaldehyde, so it will not leave your hair flat or lifeless. Frizzy hair or tight curls are loosened and glossy, hair is lighter, manageable and wonderfully easy to blow-dry straight, or wash and leave.

Whilst the results of the treatment are immediately visible, all devoted Kerastaight clients say the real value is in the time and money they save afterwards - hair-care is minimal and styling time is decreased dramatically. Resilience is also restored, so that humidity, rain and sweat no longer mean frizz, making this the perfect choice for those who regularly exercise and the frequent traveller, as well as those of us simply too busy to spend hours straightening every day!